Resource Raven is here to the rescue...I have worked hard to bring you only the best of resources so that you don't have to look as crazy as I do right here. Keep in mind that I keep it real and only the best made the cut so these businesses are worth it to check out (some are FREE resources). 

Love, Raven

Calvio Coding has a YouTube channel where #ResourceRaven will be providing more resources like what you see listed here. Please keep in mind that these are valuable resources and come from amazing creators. I am not taking any credit at all for any of their hard work in any way at all. I simply call myself #ResouceRaven since I have personally struggled during my journey to become a medical coder and these are the best resources that I have found. Most of these resources have websites where they offer courses so you may want to check them out. Be sure to subscribe to Calvio Coding on YouTube so that I can continue to bring you on the best resources.

Are you Coding Curious? Check out some of my personal favorite YouTubers to gain some insight to the coding industry.


So you did your research & decided that you want to be a coder?

The coding school/course/boot camp/exam prep I highly recommend is....AMCI. I could bore you with all of the details but I'd rather show you instead...




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